My Quilts

Clare & Angus at Brodgar

The Standing Stones of Stennis and The Ring of Brodgar were my first experience of seeing and walking near standing stones. These stones are located in the Orkney Islands, Scotland. Breathtaking. This quilt measures 23 1/2 inches by 34 inches. We took a picture of a newly wedded bride and groom and that picture (of which I blogged many posts) was the inspiration for this quilt. Some of the techniques I adapted from Kathy McNeil’s class on landscapes  – she is a generous and wonderful teacher.


Lily Bella

Lily Bella is a Linen Ladies’ Quilt (Cindy Needham!) which measures 9 1/2 by 9 1/2 inches. It is actually a mug rug for my school’s secretary. I wanted to give her something special when I retire in a few weeks (6/13/13) as she has always been lovely, so lovely to me. The green fabric is Radiance and the beads are  2.5 mm Swarovski crystals.


Mainely Memories

This quilt talked to me and taught me so much about applique, landscape quilting, perspective, and just generally how to have fun doing something you love.


The Just Because Quilt

This is a Linen Ladies’ quilt with techniques used as taught by Cindy Needham. I made it for my little sister for her last birthday. At the time I was making it she reminded me that we didn’t traditionally exchange birthday presents so I told her I was making it for her just because.


Antique Rose

This is a Linen Ladies’ style quilt as taught by Cindy Needham. It was made with a special linen that belonged to my Aunt Gini and made for my Sister to honor the memory of her time spent with Aunt Gini. The pink underlayment is Radiance fabric. Antique Rose was embellished with Swarovski crystals and fresh water pearls. The initials are Harry Potter font.



On a trip to Scotland in Summer of 2009, my husband, Colin, and I were exploring Scotland to honor his mother, a Scottish immigrant to Canada and then to the USA. We looked everyday for a Scottish Highland cow and found a small herd by Loch Lomond on our last day in Scotland. This quilt is heavily thread painted and I learned a lot about this technique making Ferguson, a Scottish Highland cow.


Spirit Guide

Spirit Guide is a tiny 7 1/4  X 10 3/4 inch quilt made for AAQI (Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative) in honor of Arlie.


Iris & Lilies

18″X18″ – made for my niece-in-law. This is a Linen Ladies Quilt (Cindy Needham) made with a vintage linen and black Radiance fabric. I posted many times while making this small quilt.


Not So Depressed Schoolhouse

This quilt was made from a pattern called The Homecoming by Alice Berg featured in American Patchwork & Quilting, June 1993, Issue No. 2. I used this pattern that summer employing the space/universe fabrics popular that year but never quilted that quilt. I think I made this version for my sister-in-law in 2005. I do remember the fabrics were all from a Moda challenge line (except for the solids.) As I rarely use fabrics all from a line, I was a little stumped at how to achieve color value. I did this by using the back side of many of the fabrics as needed to create contrast in the different blocks.

This quilt was made to help celebrate my sister-in-law’s love of holidays, especially Independence Day. The fabric was reproduction thirties and maybe a little fifties, too, so that is why I called it Not So Depressed Schoolhouse as this fabric was not depressing!


Leaving for the Gathering was made as a companion piece to The Gathering of the Others. The background was a Debbie Fields design, the cottage came from a pattern: Storybook Snugglers: Once Upon A Time. I think, but can’t really remember if the aspen trees were also from Debbie Fields. The fairy was from a coloring book. This quilt needed a mountain fairy to join the Others that were going to a Gathering. This quilter (me) was yearning to break-out of using other quilter’s designs. This quilt marked the beginning of the process. The phoenix general design was from a coloring book, but the execution in machine embroidery was mine.


BOO! This small banner was made for my daughter for her Halloween decorations collection. The font is Harry Potter and the letters and motifs were machine appliques and machine embroideries.


Four Little Hannahs – After I made my 59 block Dear Jane, Schoolhouse Jane, I was reluctant to leave the magical miniature world of Brenda Papadakis. So I made a number of her Dear Hannah blocks and set them into four small (maybe 18X18 inches) and gave them as gifts to my sisters and two best work friends. (I think there was a fifth one but I can’t find a picture and it was a long time ago.) Dear Hannah blocks were even more of a revelation to me than Dear Jane blocks because I learned how to machine applique making some of the blocks. And never looked back.


Fifth Little Hannah


The Fifth Little Hannah has been found. Thank you dear Sister-In-Law!


Queen Margaret, later to be Saint Margaret, has her own beautiful chapel at Edinburgh Castle and her own gorgeous window. I adapted her window (quite a bit) and made a small wall quilt. This quilt is called Queen Margaret Reads Harry Potter.


Emily & James Wedding Quilt, Emily and James Are In Love – Started at Alex Anderson’s Livermore retreat in a Drunkard’s Path class, continued at Asilomar in Cindy Needham’s machine quilting and design workshops, some beading done as learned in Thom Atkins’ beading class, easy trapunto as taught by Ricky Tim on his DVDs, and finished at home. Whew!


Schoolhouse Jane – My Dear Jane was made almost entirely before I went to work (school) each morning. I loved spending months in the Land of Miniature.


The Fourth – This wall hanging was made for my brother and sister-in-law to celebrate their dedication to Independence Day. What a great party they have each year. The inner border contains the beginning text of the Declaration of Independence (“We hold these truths to be self-evident…) and the outer border highlights the party. The flowers are thread painted and were a delight to make.


The Gathering of the Others was a Debbie Fields design that was slightly altered with some added Friends and also a trail that led to the Gathering. This was made for my sister who was working towards tenure. It was symbolic of many themes in her life especially at that time.


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